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Review: 7th Street Theater (The Game)

If you are reading this review on the Sabbath, then I would like to wish you a Sabbath filled with the confidence in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His coming reign.

This week’s review is for the series 7th Street Theater. The episode is called, The Game.


Three men attend a football game and discuss various topics about life.


The Game, covered major topics like drinking, gambling, prayer, pride and humility, tragedies, faith and the joy to be found in Christ.

All of the above topics were discussed from a world and biblical view.  We see how sins can be rationalized by the world.  I like the response of the character who was the only Christian in the group, when another man implied that it was not seriously gambling if the amount was small.  The Christian replied - gambling is not a biblical way to gain money.  The Bible backs that up in verses.  I find 1 Timothy 6:6-21 the most powerful verses against gambling.  In these end times, there are even Christians who gamble and rationalize it.

This a 20 minute episode - most of 7th Street Theater episodes are roughly that long.  In that time, they manage to pack in a lot of biblical lessons. It reminded me of my previous podcast, which was based on a short film that invoked deep thought.

The Christian character, Jay, shuffled uncomfortably in his seat as one of the men in the group made fun of his Christian values and tried to tempt him with drink, with the intention of getting drunk.  He also tried to get him to place a bet on the game and made fun of Jay when he said he didn’t place bets.   It made me think how this could have easily been a conversation between two Christians.  Drinking in excess and gambling has become acceptable amongst some Christians and it’s not a modern thing, as Paul wrote about it in 1 Timothy 6:6-21.  This episode shows how uncomfortable these conversations are, however, 1 Timothy 6:6-21 tells Christians who wish to obey God’s word exactly what they should do.

I really like how Jay mentioned the joy of Christ. It reminds me of Nehemiah 8:10 - The joy of the Lord is my strength. This episode is a great example of how our joy in the Lord, gives us the strength we need to obey the Lord - which is the most important thing. After all - how would we interpret it if we willingly and happily disobeyed God?

Towards the end, in a scene independent of the game, one of the main cast members mentioned a dead relative being “up there”.  I have shared Bible verses on what happens when we die and there are no verses that indicate that we go to heaven straight away.  I will put those verses in the podcast notes.

In summary, 7th Street Theater, delivers yet another thought provoking episode to the glory of God. Encouraging Christian to stand by the values God has outlined in His word. Psalm 119:105 says, Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Amen.

I watched 7th Street Theater, The Game, on Christian Movies’ YouTube channel.

Thank you for listening/reading this review.  Until next time - peace be with you.


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