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sabbath RADIO

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150:6

About the Sabbath

The Bible says that Sabbath is the 7th day of the week (Exodus 20:8-11)​.  Sabbath starts at sunset Friday and ends at sunset Saturday. Why? Because in the creation account, God made sunset the start of the new day.  So the evening and the morning were the first day." Genesis 1:5. This means that Friday sunset is the beginning of the next day, Saturday - which God called the Sabbath.

Did you know that Sabbath is the only day of the week that has a name?

The other days are know by number only.   

Take a look at Genesis 1:1-31

We go on air Friday sunset, Oslo time and remain on air until Sunday morning (Oslo time) to include other time zones who are still celebrating the Sabbath.  When Sabbath Radio is finished, our program, Days Before the Sabbath, will start.


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Deborah fasted and prayed over several areas of her life - one of them was direction in ministry.

She was in touch with a Pastor who God would later use to give her the idea of a blog and podcast.

The ministry, Renewed Faith Media, was launched, for the blog and podcast, True to the Word. The first episode aired 17th October 2021. Just one week later, the Lord impressed Deborah with the idea for Sabbath Radio.  Sabbath radio aired for the first time on 29th October 2021. 

Having no prior experience of blogging, podcasting or running a radio station, God gave Deborah an intense two week course from the start of the idea of the ministry to a functioning blog, podcast and internet radio station! Praise the Lord!

Sabbath Radio's scripture music is provided by Trilogy Scripture Music.  Deborah had purchased several of their albums a few months before, thinking that she had bought more songs than she had time to play. These were the very songs that provided enough psalms, hymns and spiritual songs for the first couple of shows!

The Psalms Project, gave RFM permission to use their beautiful collection of Psalms for Sabbath radio.  Deborah had actually been listening to their music for a few years so it was wonderful for her to speak with Shane Heilman, the leader of the group.  A few weeks later, the Dutch group, The Psalm Project, gave permission for their music to be used. Deborah had also been listening to their music for some time.

Matthew David Montgomery and Jason French from the USA, gave RFM permission to use their wonderful scripture-based music. 

Adison F Wood gave RFM permission to use his wonderful music. Deborah was familiar with Adison from the Bible study program, Hope Sabbath School on Hope Channel.

Renewed Faith Media launched a new website.

Renewed Faith Media website has reached over 60 countries
Sabbath Radio has reached over 50 countries

True to the Word podcast has reached over 15 countries.

The Renewed Faith Media Ministry has reached 6 continents.

MusicVerse gave RFM permission to use the beautiful scripture music sung by their artist, Sabrina Hew.  MusicVerse is a Christian ministry that offers a digital platform for Christian music.

Wendell Kimbrough, August Gate Music, Give Glory 2 Him productions and Stig Andre Kringstad gave RFM permission to use their wonderful scripture-based music.

Neville Peter and Matt and Josie Minikus gave RFM permission to use their wonderful scripture-based music.

Josh Snodgrass became a contributing artist for Sabbath Radio's extended broadcast, Days Before the Sabbath. We also use music by Josh and his wife, Sarah, for the Sabbath broadcast. Whether instrumental or vocals - their music is wonderful!

Sabbath Radio's extended broadcast, Days Before the Sabbath, went on air.  

Angela Wallin Larsen gave RFM permission to use her wonderful scripture-based poem.

Zeno gave RFM permission to use his soothing instrumental music for the, Days Before the Sabbath broadcast.

Dennis Jernigan, Gregory Wilbur and Jaime Jorge came on-board as contributing artists for Sabbath Radio and the Days Before the Sabbath program. What a blessing! 

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