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Review: I, Paul

If you are reading this review on the Sabbath, then I would like to wish you a Sabbath filled with faith in the word of God.

This week’s review is the for the film,I, Paul


Paul is in prison. Concern for the future of the churches weighs heavily upon him. He ponders how to guide his young disciple. The result is Paul's legacy to the ages in the form of his Second Epistle to Timothy. With clarity and power, the imprisoned Paul gives forth his message. This re-enacted slice of New Testament life uses Scripture itself for the entire script and captures the passion and compassion of Paul as he neared the end of his life.

The 2nd letter to Timothy is powerful and I appreciate that the film used the Bible, word for word. Chapter 2, verse 9 caught my attention.  Paul talks about being bound, but the Word of God is not bound. 

Chapter 3:1-5 talks of the perilous times we live in, where there is a lot of deception from within the church.

The actor playing Paul did a good job, showing the emotion of the letter.

A song about Jehovah Jireh was played during the end credits.  This reminded me of the recent book review on our podcast and blog, The Names of God, which covers the name, Jehovah, Jireh - our provider.

I found this film inspiring, because it was a re-enactment solely based on the word of God.

Thank you for reading this review. Until next time - peace be with you.

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There is Christian media out there that honours the Word of God - you just have to make a determined effort to pick and choose. RFM reviews are based on the films that have focus on the Bible and the Christian values we are supposed to live by, by God's grace.

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