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Remember the Goal

Written and produced by Dave Christiano.

The plot is as follows:

A female coach takes over the cross country team at an all girls' Christian school and attempts to lead them to their first state title. As the runners train, the top 5 girls all deal with particular issues relevant to teen life. As these stories unfold, so does the wisdom of the coach as she guides the girls along the pathway of life. A follow up film, "The Perfect Race" was released in 2019.

The Plot

Does the plot glorify God? Yes it does, as it is based at a Christian school.

Does the film content glorify God through His Word: Use of Bible verses and adhere to His commandments?

The Ten Commandments

Promotes God as the only God

  • The coach referenced God throughout the film and used 1 Corinthians 10:31 as their team motto: 31 Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

  • One of the girls prayed to God to draw a girl she knew away from sin,

Promotes being free from idols or refrain from promoting idols

  • The coach used 1 Cor 10:31 for their team and life lesson, saying it’s not about our ego or anything else, but for the glory of God.

Promote the Sabbath or refrain from promoting Sunday as the day of


  • There was no talk of the day of worship. There was a cross-country competition on the Sabbath (Saturday). I know Sabbath keepers, including myself, would not have run the race because it was on the Sabbath. a day of rest.

Honours parents or refrains from promoting dishonour of parents?

  • Coach Donnelly spoke to a girl in private about starting to date behind her parents back. She compared it to dishonesty and encouraged the 15 year old girl not to do it.

Speak against lies or refrain from promoting lies?

  • The talk that coach Donnelly had with the girl who was dating behind her parents’ back: The context was dishonesty and the coach raised concern and challenged the young girl to think about how comfortable she was with her parents knowing what she was doing with the young man in private.

Speak against jealousy or refrain from promoting jealousy?

  • Coach Donnelly talked to one of the girls about feeling jealous and comparing herself to her best friend and teammate. Coach Donnelly explained that all her students were special because they were created by God. The coach told her young student that she couldn’t be replaced or bought - as she was priceless.

What Christian standards does the film convey?

Scripture alone

  • Matthew 9:24 (the young girl Jesus brought to life again)

  • 1 Cor 10:31 - eat, drink - do all to the glory of God. - teaching the girls to take focus off the self and put it on the Lord. where it belongs.

  • When a runner was doubting her coaching advice, Coach Donnelly gave scripture as an example, concerning when God in His Word asks us to trust HIm, even when we don’t understand,

  • Coach Donnelly referenced 1 Peter 5:6: Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,- as an example of her current training not making sense. She said it was just like Christianity - it went against the grain. We have to humble ourselves to be exalted. In preparation for the race the students had to humble themselves by going slower in practice sessions in order to get faster and win the race.

  • The team tee-shirt had 10:31 as its logo

  • Coach Donnelly gave a deeper talk about Matthew 9:24, concerning the part where Jesus was laughed to scorn. Coach Donnelly asked the girls why they thought Jesus was laughed to scorn. It was because Jesus went against culture, never going in the same direction as the world. Coach told her students that as Christians they will be mocked and hated without cause. Her method of training was not understood and was even mocked, but her focus was not on the world, so it didn’t matter.

  • A runner referenced scripture to a boy, who was leading her to sin.

Salvation through Christ alone (does not promote good works)

  • Coach Donnelly gave advice to one of the runners not to fear rejection when talking to a girl that used to be her friend about her getting into bad company. The coach gave an example of how Jesus was rejected for the sake of the gospel. Christians should also be prepared to be rejected when trying to share the gospel, but it does not mean we should not try.

  • Coach Donnelly mentioned that the gospel had been shared with her while she was in school.

Biblical marriage

  • Conversation between team members about a boy who was interested in one of the team members. The girls compared how their parents felt about dating at 15 years old. Most of them were not allowed to date so early.

Recognition of the value of life and blessing in children

  • Coach Donnelly was willing to gently tell parents to encourage their children or address issues relating to their children so that the runners could have better relationships with their parents.

Recognition of the body as the temple of God

  • An ex-friend of one of the team members had started to take drugs. The team member attempted to speak with her about it, in the context that it was wrong and she should stop. Her friend initially rejected her, but then later repented, giving the Lord the glory.

Does the film give glory and honour and thanks to God?

  • Coach Donnelly gives honour to God throughout the film. Using scripture as a team motto. This was very powerful as it was transferred to the private lives of the girls.

  • The Coach consistently gave examples from scripture to address life lessons to the team.

Did the film encourage my faith?

  • Yes! The first time I saw the film, I memorized 1 Corinthians 10:31. I knew the actual verse but not the scriptural reference. It’s a powerful verse as the world teaches the opposite - we get the honour and it’s all about us - that’s the pride of life, one of them sins Jesus was tempted with and Adam and Eve fell for in the Garden of Eden.

What actions did I do, as a result of seeing the film?

  • I memorized the scripture reference, 1 Corinthians 10:31

Would I change anything about the film?

  • Coach Donnelly crossed her fingers when she was talking to a parent about qualifying for the state championships. Old habits die hard. Many Christians do or say this expression. I would have changed it to, “God willing” or “God’s will be done,” - something to that effect.


Remember the Goal is a wonderful film about trusting the Lord and having everything we do be to His glory. This worldview is connected to everyday situations like grace, team work, diligence, dating, training, teenager issues, addiction, jealousy, divorce, peer-pressure, etc. - giving the film a solid, practical aspect to it.

I watched the film via

Thank you for reading this review. Until next time, peace be with you.

Scripture References

Matthew 9:24 (Jesus raised a young woman)

1 Corinthians 10:31 (do all to God’s glory)

1 Peter 5:6 (humble ourselves under God)

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