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Program Review: Creation Moments - Season 2 (Part 2)

Hi everyone, if you reading this on the Sabbath, then I’d like to wish you a wonderful Sabbath!

True to the Word is continuing with our science thread for our program reviews. There is so much wonderful media out there that shows us the beauty and function of God’s creation. It truly is a joy to watch them to learn about God’s works and worship Him, for His works and character. We are continuing with that gem I found - a three season series called Creation Moments. It’s a huge batch of two min videos about all aspects of God’s creation. We have progressed onto the second season, which is about a variety of subjects, that gives the glory to our Heavenly Father. Please join me as I review the second half of the second season of Creation Moments.

God’s Joy of Creating

The narrator asks an interesting question: How much planning did God do for creation? This episode makes us thinks about the love God put into His creation. I am sure you would agree that the variety is overwhelming. The end of this episode focuses on an important point, which warms my heart. Praise the Lord! I won’t spoil it for you - you’ll hear it if/when you watch this episode.

Glacier Races

This episode is about what chemist’s call the most complex substance in the universe. This highly versatile substance keeps us alive and this episode has a lot of interesting facts about it.

Fish Learn in Schools Too

What I really like about Creation Moments is that you can get basic and very complex information in the same short episode. In this episode, something as simple as fish swimming around together is looked at in more detail. It’s then we see how complex and beautiful God’s work is. I really like the end comments in this episode too, which talks about salvation through Jesus Christ. Amen!

Electric Bushes and Trees

A fascinating episode about the emotional responses that can be seen in nature. They have wonderful examples!

Designed for Flight

I really like the useful facts and diagrams this episode has! Birds are amazing and a testimony to the Creator - our Heavenly Father.


Did you know that there are over 170 species of worms?! I didn’t that until I watch this episode of Creation Moments. There are some iInteresting facts about earthworms in Australia. Why must Australia have a giant version of everything?! I found the practical reasons for earthworms very interesting and really like the term used for them - small workers. The narrator references Psalm 104:30 in this episode, which is about renewal: When you send forth your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground. Amen!

Did Humans Evolve From Cockroaches

This episode is a must see and really shows us how the evolution theory depends on logic and so called science that has no basis whatsoever. I really appreciate the scientists out there that honour the Word of God and use His Word to guide them and discovery His work, for His glory. Amen!

Can There Be Design Without a Designer

This episode has wonderful examples of how nature, God’s creation, has inspired engineers to create products. I really like how the narrator reflects on why God created things the way he did. Praise the Lord!

Colorful Life in the Goldfish Bowl

Colour constancy. I had never heard of it, but have now learned some amazing facts about it! I really like how the narrator pointed out that there is no such thing as a simple living thing. I agree - everything God has made is so intricate!

Birds Who Build Pyramids

An episode that shows another amazing aspect of these wonderful creature! This episode is all about bee eating birds and how they actually do it without getting stung!

Biological Balance

This episode gives very important information about the production of Carbon Dioxide on Earth and how our Creator has accounted for its fluctuating levels.

A World of Dust

I learned a lot about dust! The world is smaller than we think. I really like how the narrator ties this to the hope of the next world to come - thanks to Jesus Christ, our Saviour!

Benefits From Rejecting Evolution

This episode has the powerful message: True science does not disprove the Bible. I really liked the example given of a well-known scientist and his view on the connection between science and the Word of God. Praise the Lord!

This was yet another batch of wonderful videos, giving glory to God and His creation and there are more to come, so stayed tuned!

Until next time - peace be with you.

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There is Christian media out there that honours the Word of God - you just have to make a determined effort to pick and choose. RFM reviews are based on the films that have focus on the Bible and the Christian values we are supposed to live by, by God's grace.

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