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Program Review: Creation Moments

Hi everyone, if you reading this on the Sabbath, then I’d like to wish you a wonderful Sabbath, in God’s presence.

True to the Word is continuing with our science thread for our program reviews. There is so much wonderful media out there that shows us the beauty and function of God’s creation. It truly is a joy to watch them to learn about God’s works and worship Him, for His works and character. I have found a real gem! A three season series, called Creation Moments, that has a huge batch of two min videos about all aspects of God’s creation. The first season focuses on animals. Please join me as I review the first half of the first series.

If you have about 30 minutes, you have time to fit in about half of the first series of Creation Moments. Each episode is very carefully packed with fascinating information that glorifies our wonderful Creator. I learned something new in each episode.

World’s Best Smelling Animal

Can you guess which animal this is? No spoiler alerts here! I should have tried to guess before I started the video! A lot of great information about an animal that has a sense of smell that outclasses everything else in the animal kingdom.

Why Did God Give Us Fingerprints

This episode was very informative. I didn’t guess all of the reasons, but that’s ok, I enjoy learning new things.

Unbelievable Migrations

We touched a bit on this in our previous review for the Life’s Story episodes. It’s about birds that travel amazing distances, with zero error precision for their destinations.

What’s the Smallest Thing You Can See?

It was a shame to hear that some secular scientists were speaking negatively about how the eye is constructed. Whenever I take pictures, they never come out as good as what I can see. The eye is an amazing lens - nothing can produce images better than the human eye. This episode has some wonderful information about how well the eye was designed. Praise the Lord!

Those Strange Nazca Lines

This episode discusses images in the Nazca desert, created by the Nazca culture. There is apparently doubt that primitive people could have created these images. I like how the narrator points to the Bible to give an example of the work of people many generations before us. If current events and social media is anything to measure modern society by, our modern society seems pretty primitive, despite all of the advancement that has been made in so called education and technology.

The Silence of the Owls

Owls are fascinating creatures. So incredibly beautiful! I learned something about owls during these two minutes that I never knew! God has equipped the owl with its personal stealth mode! One thing I do know though - God is amazing!

The Umbrella Bird

Another fascinating episode. I would really like to watch this bird in action! God has put things into his creation that we would never think of - that’s why He is the Almighty God!

The Fish With Three Lines of Defense

I was momentarily distracted by the shark in this episode - yikes! Back to the fish that has layers of defense - what a funny looking fish and such intricate and robust functionality. Just when I am amazed by our Creator, something else comes along to give me that “wow” experience all over again!

The Great Pretender

The “wow” factor was right on cue for this episode! It boggles my mind, as I think how God has equipped everything He has created with amazing features and functionality! There are around 8 million animal species - think of the colours, shapes, sizes, designs, functionality, etc. etc. etc! Too many to study in all of earth’s history! The Bible mentions animals in the new earth. What a sheer delight it is going to be, to be around creatures in the new world to come, that aren’t harmed and do no harm. Praise the Lord!

The March of the Mailmen

Mankind is still exploring and trying to understand the eternal features of animals, let alone how all the internal mechanisms work. This episode shows how complicated and intricate God’s creation is. Not a chance it all appeared by chance - all eight something million of it.

The Fish That Predicts Earthquakes

It’s amazing how we can use nature to develop safety systems. Whether the events of this fish is something intended by God as a warning or a result of sin is unknown. Either way, it can be used for good and we have to praise the Lord for that.

The Evolution Illusion

This episode contains key points about evolution and puts it into the correct context - a choice of rebellion against God - for those who choose to look away from all the overwhelming evidence that points towards our Creator. A very powerful two minutes, which reminds me of 1 John 1:9: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. So there is hope for those who are still living in darkness. God is merciful and full of love and grace.

Screws and Nuts in a Weevil’s Legs

This episode shows very well what the evolution illusion looks like in practice. The bending and contradiction of logic in order to deny the obvious truth.

Each episode of Creation Moments was wonderful and the cherry on the top is that every episode has a prayer of thanks at the end. The prayer after the episode, The Evolution Illusion, is especially powerful. I found myself lifting up each prayer of thanks to the Lord - and who knows, maybe each person that has seen this series has done the same thing! What a blessing! To God be the glory - Amen!

I am looking forward to re-watching these episodes, then watching the other half of the first series of fascinating mini videos on God’s amazing kingdom! I hope you’ll watch this series too!

Thank you for reading this review. Until next time - peace be with you.

Scripture References:

Isaiah 11:6, Isaiah 65;25 (animals in the new kingdom)

Film source and thumbnail:,





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