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The Twelve

The Twelve- A Transformational Journey Through The Minor Prophets

by Parker Bradley

Drawing from the insights of the Minor Prophets in the Bible, The Twelve is an encouraging, but also challenging resource for followers of Jesus, and anyone wanting to honestly understand how God reveals Himself in Scripture.

Review Introduction

I am very excited about this review, although I am excited about every review I do, for the Lord’s glory. With this review, I am dedicating one monthly book review for each prophet, which essentially creates a 12 month review series on this book. You may wonder, why in the world would I have a 12 part series that lasts a year for one book review?! I really like the idea of studying one minor prophet a month, with my review of Bradley’s chapter on the prophet coming at the end of each month. That way, I am approaching his review having already read, made notes and digested what I have read. I have read the books of the minor prophets a few times, but like many people, many of the facts have not remained in my memory. This is a great opportunity to revisit each book in-depth and it’s a long time coming. I bought this book on audio months ago, as it caught my attention straight away, and then it sat on my list. I was actually listening to another audio book to write a review, but my heart was not in it, so I looked at my book list again, and there it was - 12. Not only that, but the idea of one prophet a month came to me and when I started listening to Parker Bradley’s introduction, my thought was - Lord, your timing is perfect!

The introduction is solid, informative, encouraging and inspiring. It expressed the state of our modern world and what I aspire to do as a creation of God the Father and a follower of His Son, Jesus Christ, in a way that I would not have been able to express better.

My main areas of thought listening to it were:

The correct character of God

The true interpretation of the Old Testament

Rising to a different level of faith and increased understanding

The wholeness of the Bible - seeing Jesus in all of the scripture, as he is the representation of God

Not reading passively, but thinking and acting on what I read in scripture

Parker sets this goal:

  1. Ask honest questions

  2. Always search each passage for God’s goodness

The goal rests on the foundation of the words of Jesus in Matthew 22:37

“Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind.”

So verses are looked through the lense of what they are saying about how we love God and people.

Deeper reading about the Minor Prophets is a journey I have wanted to go on for a long time. My daily Bible reading is currently in Acts, and I will continue to do that, but for the next year, I will also be venturing further out into the deeper waters, as Parker puts it, being confident in my faith that the Lord has called me there, at this time.

If you are considering this audio book, then maybe God has called you too.

So I look forward to bringing you my review of Parker’s chapter on Hosea at the end of September.

Thank you for reading this mini review of, The Twelve, by Parker Bradley.

Until next time - peace be with you.


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