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The Heavens Declare: Part 4 Our Amazing Solar System

This week’s review is for the program, “The Heavens Declare: Part 4, Our Amazing Solar System,” which is Created, Hosted, & Produced by Kyle Justice from Awesome Science Media. Featured Experts: Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Russ Humphreys, Dr. Don DeYoung and Spike Psarris

The experts explore how well designed our solar system is and present strong evidence for it being created recently.

The experts first explore what is our Solar System, what are the different views of how it formed, how our planets keep in orbit, how each planet shows a young age, and why our earth is so special and created by God.

I really like the structure of this episode starting from the definition of a solar system to a discussion on how unique our solar system is. The information about the uniqueness of each planet is breath-taking and clearly shows a designer, which the Lord had declared himself as, in His Word.

The distances between the planets is staggering! The experts also talk about the span of our galaxy, and all of it perfectly arranged with the a host of unique variables that secular scientists would not be able to explain, no matter how much time they were given.

The scientific information given clearly shows a solar system that does not reflect what secular scientists expect. I think a couple of the experts put it very well - God designed the universe in a way that the rebellious among His creation would not be able to explain Him away. Halleluyah!

This episode, like the others has a wealth of information, explained in a way that made it easier to understand. Towards the end, they give very Interesting information about gravity, to the extent it is understood. I really like what Dr Kyle Lisle said: Gravity is the way God causes the planets to orbit the sun - beautiful! All the scientists give glory to God in their work - it is really inspiring!

In Summary

This episode of, The Heavens Declare, tells us a wealth of information about our solar system, relaying how amazing God is! Dr Faulkner made a good point about the message on the billboard being ignored, We have an amazing Creator, who not only created a spectacular universe, but gives us the hope in the gift of eternal life - to spend with Him, His Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ and the rest of the Heavenly Kingdom.

I really like how the episode closes with the appeal to seek the Lord as a response to the obvious fact that He is our Creator.

Thank you for reading this review. Until next time - peace be with you.


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