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The Heavens Declare: Part 3 (The Starlight Travel Dilemma)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

This week’s review is for the program, “The Heavens Declare: Part 3, The Starlight Travel Dilemma,” which is created and produced by Kyle Justice from Awesome Science Media.

The experts explore how General Relativity may help creation scientists explain distant starlight in a young universe.

This episode addresses the perceived problem of light travel of distant stars and how the universe can still be young. The experts introduce the idea of an expanding universe and the dynamics of the speed of light. They then delve into general relativity and present several creationist models for solving the light travel dilemma. Several experts also share how God could have used natural laws and supernatural processes during the creation week. Finally, there is a discussion on why the Biblical model is the only one that works with the evidence and makes science possible.

This episode is simple enough for people like me, who are not able to easily understand scientific concepts and processes, yet detailed enough for people who do. The presenters have been blessed with being able to explain science in a way that spans a range of understanding.

The series, which uses scripture as its foundation, helps us get a glimpse of the glory of creation, as it uses stunning visuals, facts and theories on how the world came to be.

The creation account in Genesis and verses from Exodus (Exodus 20:11) are used to reinforce that the universe is young and created in six literal days. I have mentioned this in a previous episode: I have done the exercise of counting the genealogy from Adam to Christ, which adds us to roughly 6000 years - it’s a wonderful exercise!

Key facts are brought to light in this episode. For example, the average person’s understanding of the term light year and that is refers to distance not time. This is significant as this misinterpretation is often used by secular scientists to try and prove that the universe must be billions of years old. The presenters in Episode three provide solid facts from the Bible and theories that dismantle the secular attempt to disprove what God has written for our knowledge and understanding about His creation.

Isaiah 40:22b is referenced. when considering how Isaiah knew about the heavens being stretched at a time when there were no instruments to see that. The presenters explain according to what scripture has said - God reveals secrets to His people, which reminds me of Ephesians 3:5 - Which was not made known to the sons of men in other generations as it has now been revealed to his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit.

I am not a SCI FI film fans, but I have seen some films and series in the past. I really like how the scientists who present in this series let us know how we are being misled. They explained very well why it isn’t possible for spaceships to travel faster than light speed. Something I hadn’t thought in the past. I also really like how they always give the glory to God and how God has designed things to work a certain way. Again, these presenters explained a complicated subject in a way that people like me are able to understand.

I like how Mr Faulkner says we should not be ashamed to admit that we can’t explain certain things, as God uses miracles. Another presenter references Hebrews 1:3 which speaks of how God sustains everything by His word.

I like how Jason Lisle acknowledges and corrects people regarding the processes and mechanisms that are studied and how they should be seen for what they are - the methods God uses to uphold the universe, but He is not limited to.

The presenters give glory to God, and affirm that if the Bible says God did something - we can trust that.

The last segment about why secular scientists can even do science, is clear and inspirational as it gives glory to the Creator and clearly shows through scripture what God has given us to look after and study for His glory. Genesis 1:28 and Proverbs 25:2 are referenced.

In Summary

I really like, The Heavens Declare, series as it encourages us to be curious about science and explore it to the best of our ability. We are not all called to be scientists - but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore science. I really like that message, because it acknowledges that the creation of the universe is something we should all have knowledge about, because it points us to the Creator, our Heavenly Father, God, and that the correct response to science is to worship God, our Creator.

I watched, The Heavens Declare, Part 3 on the Christian Movies channel on YouTube.

Thank you for reading this review. Until next time - peace be with you.

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