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Program: Beyond the Stars

Hi everyone, we’re continuing with our science thread for our program reviews. There are many great Christian science programs out there that teach us about the universe, while giving our Creator the glory. It truly is a joy to watch them to learn about God’s creation and worship Him, for His works and character. So please join me as I review, Beyond the Stars, a series of short, but in-depth videos about the Cosmos. The series is produced by WVBS (World Video Bible School) and written and presented by Branyon May.

It’s easy to binge watch Beyond the Stars, as the videos are between six to ten minutes long. They are very well presented, engaging and give glory to God.

This week’s review is for the first four videos. There are fifteen all together. Don’t let the short durations fool you. These videos are so packed with wonderful information, you will need to watch them a few times to absorb the details. Since there are short, watching them a few times is quite easy to do.

Our Complex Cosmos, which covers main topics such as:

  • What is the Cosmos?

  • The order of the Cosmos, its laws and their relationship to the physical world

  • Observation of nature - what are we really seeing?

  • Periodic table - how its structure reveals information about the relationship between the elements and the Cosmos.

  • Our intelligent Creator - how science points back to an intelligent designer.

Our Vast Cosmos

  • Our night sky and how we react to it.

  • Distances in the universe that boggle the mind

  • Space - we start from the closest place we know, our neighbourbood and zoom out to the earth as it’s seen from space, the moon, sun, planets, asteroid belt, gas plants, comets, stars, nebulas, milky way galaxy, other galaxies and the clusters of galaxies. This is an amazing illustration of how small we are and how big God is! Branyon gives an overview of each stage, as the space is zoomed out.

  • Chance and chaos versus a designed universe

    • Branyon gives a wonderful, clear explanation of how design in our world, that we take for granted, represents design on a larger scale.

Our Fined Tuned Cosmos

  • The laws of nature - our role as participants and observers

  • The relationship between math and nature

  • Categories of the interactions within nature: 4 fundamental forces:

    • Gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear

    • For me, this is new and complication stuff - but it’s great to review in smaller segments.

  • Cosmos’ independence of any human intellect and what this means for its origin. Again Branyon explains things in a wonderful, concise manner.

The Sun

  • Well balanced parameters of the sun (detailed information about its size, appearance, its role in photosynthesis, its energy and consistent nature)

  • Sun’s cycle

  • Sun spots

  • Atmosphere

  • Activity - sun flares, solar wind

  • Sun-earth relationship

This series is a real treat! What I like about Awesome Science Media is that they have an extensive collection of science-based program, for all ages. If you want to listen to science explained in a simpler way then you can watch programs geared for a younger audience. Granted, you may run across some silly antics, but the information is organized, informative and gives glory to the Creator. Then there are the programs geared towards an older audience, like Beyond the Stars, which has in-depth information, presented in a clear and concise way.

From what I can see, there are programs for everyone at Awesome Science Media, some of it being geared towards homeschooling and higher education, and the best of all - it gives God the glory!

Thank you for reading this review. Until next time - peace be with you.

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There is Christian media out there that honours the Word of God - you just have to make a determined effort to pick and choose. RFM reviews are based on the films that have focus on the Bible and the Christian values we are supposed to live by, by God's grace.

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